Just like home
Let's forget about rules in the kitchen or table formalities. We'll bring you the plates, the pots, the sauces... The typical Spanish cuisine with a twist.
We trust you'll mix and try things that "seem like they'll go well together" or "are served with", until you find the perfect bite.
And when you want to dip your bread at the end of the meal, do it, make yourself at home.
Mash, cook, dip
We work with recipes that are already traditional. We cook using tried and true techniques: over low heat, on the grill. We make preserves the old-fasioned way: pickles, salted fish, relishes...
We enjoy our gastronomic history and want to bring it to the table.
We don't make your grandmother's stew, but one day we'll make you ours.
There is virtue is simplicity
Casa Mortero is a simple and cozy restaurant in Madrid city Center. A space build with people, designers, and artisans who enjoy their work and often do things by hand.
This place is a space created to accompany a traditional meal. It has no more meaning beyond that, nor do we want it to.
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