Pedro Gallego, Executive Chef

Involved in gastronomy for 18 years, he has gone through all the possible positions in a kitchen his resume)from peeling potatoes to managing to consulting. He's run the full gamut.

He directs this House from the office and from the trenches, and he does so by knowing his cause, he has accumulated knowledge and experience over years.

Pedro often reminds us that he likes simple things, he asks us to please tell us things as they are, not to embelish, that nothing else is needed, that his cuisine "is what you see."

Strategic Design

Strategy runs in the backgorund so that everything fits together. One day, you'll walk into Casa Mortero and see walls, tables and chairs, lamps, of course a kitchen, food and dishes. It is what is often perceived in a restaurant.

The truth is, we started designing a year and a half before the opening, and a year before starting the revamp. At that time, we focused on the space and the service, the brand, how we wanted you to feel when entering and how we would like you to enjoy the food.

The strategic project is directed by Carmen PeredaWorking hand in hand with Pedro Gallego to ensure that the principles that Pedro has in the kitchen also exist in the dining area, in what we communicate, in the brand, and in what we hope you feel when you sit in your chair and pick up your spoon.

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