Creamy croquettes..... 11€
Made with jamón ibérico (cured Spanish ham)
media ración…… 8€
(lactose, eggs, gluten)

Salmorejo …… 9€
with very cured ham and vegetable preserves
Vegetarian option
(gluten, sulfitos*, pescados*)

Torrezno…… 10€
Crispy rasher chunks, with mashed potatoes and paprika
(no allergens)

Grilled pepper salad..... 12€
With salt cod, almonds, and spring onion
(fish, nuts, sulphites)


chiken pickled..... 14€
on grilled lettuce head and walnuts
1 piece.... 5€
(sulfitos, frutos secos*)

Mussels...... 9€
With homemade pickled vegetables
(molluscs, sulphites)

Pickled tuna .... 14€
with "trinxat" of potatoes and wheat bark
(pescado, sulfitos, huevo, gluten*)

Seasonal tomato salad..... 12€
With cask mackerel and pickled carrots
Vegetarian option
(fish, sulphites, gluten)


Madrilenian tripe…… 14€
With pork leg and snout and deeply cured salt beef

Paysanne cut green beans..... 14€
Con sopa de ajo y jamón ibérico
Vegetarian option

Rice with duck ...... 19€
With artichokes, Torta del Casar cheese, and crispy duck skin
(sulphites, lactose)

beef meatballs.... 18€
Con con salsa ibérica y piparras fritas
(huevo, gluten, sulfitos, frutos secos)

Potatoes "a la importancia" .... 17€
With cod cheeks, fried egg, and cured pork jowls
(gluten, huevo, pescado, sulfitos)

Tuna with tomato .... 18€
on tomate tartar and fresh sauce
(fish, sulphites, gluten)

Casserole of "Tiberio" mussels..... 15€
With a slightly spicy sauce and herbs
(molluscs, crustaceans, sulphites)

From the grill

Beef sweetbreads.... 19€
With cream of corn, pickled cabbage, and quince juice
(sulphites, fish*, soya*, gluten*, sesame*, lactose*)

Pork shoulder skewer..... 17€
With kale and traditional mojo (spicy red pepper sauce)

half portion...... 9€

Spitted sardines.... 15€
With roasted piquillo peppers, toasted bread, and a spicy dressing
(sulphites, gluten, fish)

Aged beef loin..... 27€
400g of matured beef for 30 days


Cheesecake.... 7€
with Toffe ice cream
(lactose, gluten, egg, nuts, soy)

Cheese plate ..... 10€
spanish handmade cheeses
(lactosa, frutos secos*, gluten*)

toasted milk flan.... 6€
al aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
(huevo, lactosa)

Blackberries and raspberries.... 7€
With yoghurt ice cream, cold mint soup and lemon thyme

*These allergens are only present in the sauce or garnish, not in the main course

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